Friday, March 9, 2012

A Video

If I am right, the last video you saw of Ian giggling was from this post.

Well, the giggles have continued and are getting heartier and longer and they mostly happen when Addie is around (she is such a funny little girl!).

Earlier this week after our nap time (Addie had her 4 year old appointment earlier that day which wore us out), we were in the kitchen and Addie and Ian were playing together. Suddenly he just started laughing his heart out! Addie had given him the yellow ring you will see and he threw it on the floor and laughed about it. This happened once more before I grabbed my camera.

Siblings from Suzette Ladouceur on Vimeo.

There are several things I noticed about this video that are either funny or are things that only I would notice.

Here they are in no particular order:
  1. My floor is clean! We don't wear shoes in our house because of little ones and light colored carpet. I realized after he puts the yellow ring in his mouth that I should say something about that :)
  2. A big, huge, overwhelming thank you to my cousin Belinda who originally gave us the walker for Addie when she was a little bitty thing.
  3. You'll see a circle band aid on Addie's arm. She actually had four of them.... one for each vaccine she received earlier in the day. Poor girl. Having to hold her down for them was no piece of cake either.
  4.  "Mom, take a video." Addie is going to grow up to either run her own business or be the boss somewhere. She loves giving directions.... even if you are already doing what she thinks you should be doing.
  5. She was getting over a cold and had a scratchy voice which I love!.... plus the very loud crying at the doctor's office did not help her voice either.
  6. I have no idea what Addie was doing when she was off camera making Bud laugh, but he finds her hilarious.
  7. Addie does a high pitched squeal for Ian's benefit. It only happens a few times (don't worry) and then she moves on to something else.
  8. I love Ian's huge gummy smile!
  9. Addie's hair style is my favorite for her right now. Two side, partial French braids joined together with an elastic.
  10. Addie likes things to be just so. See how she moves the beads on the play area of the walker?
  11. I didn't realize how long Addie's legs were getting until I watched the video! When you see your child everyday, they just kind of grow up around you and you don't even realize it. (sniff, sniff... I'll be okay...)
  12. Ian's going to be a real boy. Watch how he pounds on the play table of the walker and laughs about it!
  13. He loves his Mama! Just look at him bounce/run to me! (my favorite part of the entire video) 
  14. "Mom, can you move him over here so he can do that again? I'll move him over here." I must have given her "the look" that I give when she's being bossy.
  15. I do love how right now she starts every sentence with "Mom....."


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