Thursday, May 17, 2012

Book Sale

Tuesday night was the homeschool group used book sale. That is one of my all time favorite nights of the school year!

Where else can you buy 17 items of learning manipulatives, books, and resources for only $9.35!

I brought home a few books for Ian (I don't believe second borns should use all hand me down items) and a few for Addie..... and a few for me.

One of the books I bought was ChildWise Gary Ezzo, M.A. and Robert Bucknam, M.D (authors of the BabyWise books). I read both BabyWise books and I did learn a lot from them. For Addie (my first born), I followed the books to the T with rigidity. For Ian, I have followed them very loosely, but I am finding myself becoming a little more appreciative of the principles at almost 8 months into raising our second. I thought ChildWise would be a perfect for us since it is geared for the parents of children ages 3-7 years of age.

Elbows Off the Table, Napkin in the Lap, No Video Games During Dinner: The Modern Guide to Teaching Children Good Manners by Carol McD. Wallace is, as the title suggests, a modern manners book for teaching children based on their age and capability.

These are two books that I would like to use in the fall when I begin the Book Club again.

Is it too soon to already be looking forward to next year's book sale?


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