Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ian's Dedication

On Sunday, Mother's Day, Ian was dedicated to the Lord at our church. We had family there to celebrate with us, but my sister Faye and her husband Jim went up to the pulpit with us since they are our children's God-parents.

I had tried explaining to Addie what we were going to be doing. I told her that dedicating Ian to God was, in a way, giving him back to God.

Addie suddenly looked sad and devestated and said, "I'm really going to miss Ian."

I then showed her the video of her own dedication and how the pastor prays for the baby and gives the baby back to the Mommy and Daddy.

Our pastor had about 5 babies to dedicate during our service (and four during our first service), but he gave each family personalized attention, held each baby, and prayed over each baby and family. Before giving each family his attention, he had us as a collective group make some commitments to God that we would teach our children to love and serve the Lord. He then had the congregation also commit to encouraging the families in this goal.

Here is the part of the dedication where Ian is being dedicated. A huge thanks to my friend Lisa for recording this memory for us.


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