Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Nebulizer

I am huge on taking photos of the everyday things that we tend to overlook as being memory worthy. But I think these things are so important for us and our children to remember in years to come.

Right now, for us, one of those things is the nebulizer. It is a contraption that blows out a mist of medicinal air for Ian to breathe in and opens up his breathing passages when he has a cold, which he is thankfully over at this point.

So what is so special to me about these photos?

The fact that I have to hold Ian while he is receiving his treatment. The fact that he is so calm despite the noise and the mask that is in front of his fact the whole time. But my favorite part is how he tries licking and chewing on the mask.

My silly, brave, little boy. You are so good about taking your medicine!


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