Thursday, May 3, 2012

Playing | A Video

I remember during my mother's pregnancy of my younger sister Faye, my mother kept telling me that she was going to have a baby and I was going to love this baby, this baby would become my friend, and I would always have someone to play with. At the time, she did not know that she was having a girl (what did they do without ultrasounds!).

I was almost 5 years old at the time, so my knowledge of "reality" was way off.

I remember visiting them in the hospital and looking into the nursery window at my sister in the "fish tank" baby bed.

But what I remember more than anything was my mother bringing Faye home from the hospital and laying Faye in the middle of my parent's full sized bed. That's when I jumped onto the bed and said, "Faye, do you want to play with me?"

Mom had to explain to me that Faye was too little to play and it would be some time before we could really play together.

No problem! I helped with Faye, played with her, and we even have photos at my parent's house of me giving her a bottle.

And my mother was right (as she usually was). I love my sister. She was my first real, true, faithful friend, and although our husbands have taken the first place spot in that area, we are still true, faithful friends.  And I always had my buddy, Faye. As long as I had her growing up, I didn't feel alone.

Fast forward 31 years......

Last year, we spent so much time preparing Addie for Ian, telling her about this baby that was growing in Mommy's belly, showing her the ultrasound, hanging the US pictures in her room, and telling her that she was going to love this baby and would have someone to play with who would always be her friend.

Now that Ian is here, people always ask, "How is Addie with the baby?"

She has been wonderful with him! She plays with him, is Mommy's super helper, holds him while sitting on the couch or floor, and entertains him while I'm making dinner. In fact, sometimes I have to have her give him some room or she might smother her brother with love.  Yet, their interaction has been mainly one sided for the past seven months, because really, what can a seven month old do?

Everything changed on Tuesday when I turned around from cooking to see what Ian was laughing about and why Addie was flying back and forth through the kitchen.

There they were.

Playing together.

Addie was running with a piece of red string in her hand and Ian was trying to chase her in his walker! And boy can he move!

As a mother, this was such a wonderful moment for me. Watching my children play with each other and enjoy each other's company......

..............until Ian started taking Addie's school papers and artwork off of the refrigerator.


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