Monday, June 4, 2012

On the Move

We have all heard it before.

"Boys are so different from girls."

But until you have one of each, you really do not grasp how different they are.

Addie was sitting on her own around 9 months and didn't stand up on her own until 10 months.

Ian is now 8 months and this week he has managed to get himself into a sitting position and pull himself up in a standing position in the same day!

On Wednesday, I had put Ian down for a nap in his crib. He began to cry and protest the fact that I am getting him back to going to sleep on his own after our weekend away. I let the crying go for about 5-10 minutes. before going in to reassure him.

I rounded the corner to his room and there he was......

Standing and crying his little heart out.

I gasped and ran forward which startled him because his eyes were closed, and he let go of the side of the crib. I was on him before he began to fall and took him out of the crib.

Now in the living room, I cannot leave him on the floor without being beside him. I have seen him pull himself up to a kneeling and/or standing position on the bouncy chair, the swing, the sofa, and Addie's little chair. The problem is, he lets go, and he is not able to stand independently. He is also  opening the cabinets to Addie's little kitchen and pulling the items out. We have emptied out the cabinets of anything small. Only large play things are left.

Daddy thinks this is all great!

The two women in Ian's life aren't as thrilled with his new found skills. He is keeping us on our toes!


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