Friday, June 1, 2012


I am of Hispanic descent. That is it.

Brian has a mixture of European ancestry in him.

Which means that my children are 50% Hispanic... they have more Spanish blood in them than anythimg else.

I am not teaching them Spanish currently, because... well.... I can't speak Spanish well. At all. My own Spanish speaking Little Grandma Adelaida told me to speak to her in English because it was easier for her to understand me that way.

So the only way I can remind my very fair skinned, light haired children that they are half Spanish is to feed them Spanish food.

And because I never bothered to learn how to make Spanish food from scratch (except for rice and beans), I resort to the boxed version, which tastes just as good (well, there is something to be said for from-scratch-homemade food).

As of right now, Addie loves it! I am so glad because it is the food I grew up with. I know that in the future, Ian will love it, too, because this little man eats anything.


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