Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July To-Do

I am such a list maker.

Sometimes my lists are longer than is humanly possible for me (or anyone else) to complete in the time I have given myself. Take the week Brian was out of town. I had a list of 25 (major) projects I wanted to complete before he came home.

I think I managed to complete three... or four.... maybe two.... I can't remember......

I have decided to turn my major project list into a goals for the month list and then see how much I can complete in that month. Whatever doesn't get scratched off can be moved into the next month.

Here is my goal list for July with links to sites that offer directions or other help.

  1. Clean out office
  2. Purge scrapbook stuff (in office)
  3. Purge bookshelf (in office)
  4. Begin planning and "designing" kids' room decor (in the works in my head.... more to come as I complete little parts of it..... no sneak peeks :)
  5. Gather and edit photos for the past few weeks (family album)
  6. Catch up on Addie's album (May and June)
  7. Do a little work on Ian's album (want to have his completed first year by his birthday)
  8. Purge Addie's drawers
  9. Deep clean bathrooms
  10. Clean bathroom cabinet fronts
  11. Clean kitchen cabinet fronts
  12. Google how to fix an ice maker
  13. Scrub baseboards close to front door
  14. Spot clean carpets
  15. Clean out my closet
  16. Take stuff to the consignment shop
  17. Make pom-poms for Addie's room 
  18. Order tissue paper to make decorative pom-poms for Ian's birthday in his colors
  19. Frame cross-stitched pictures for Ian's room
  20. Look online for a consignment shop for "home-type" things
  21. Find pattern for sofa throw pillows
  22. Make coffee filter wreath
  23. Make a new dessert for the family
  24. Clean the blinds in two of the rooms
  25. Organize my dresser drawers
  26. Begin planning Ian's first birthday party
I have a couple of the items already crossed off (and since I am actually writing this post on the 5th of July, that's not too bad!), and Lord willling my goal is to cross off more by the end of the month.


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