Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eight Years Ago........

Our story began much earlier than July 10, 2004. But all of those events, dates, the proposal, the bridal shower, and the rehearsal dinner (below) all brought us to this date.

I am amazed at what 8 years have seen us through.
The wedding, of course.

Living for our first two years in the little house you bought a year before we even started dating.

Our first anniversary and purchasing a piece of property.

Our second anniversary

Buying the house we presently live in.

Finding out that we were expecting our first baby right before our 3rd anniversary.

Sadly, we lost my mother just before Addie was born.

But God turned our sadness into joy with the birth of our Addie girl.

We had anniversaries 4-7 as a family of three.

But we made sure we took time for the two of us.

During those years, we gained a brother.......

Addie asked Jesus to come into her heart......

Right now, we are satisfied with being the family of four that we are. We love being us. We love sharing our time with each other and with our children.

Now, here we are at year eight. I love you more than I did when we first got married.

I look forward to seeing what God has planned for us and our little family in the future.

Happy anniversary, Brian......


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