Monday, July 2, 2012

No Matter What People Do..... God!

I, unfortunately, tend to be the kind of person who holds things in, holds on to hurts, replays hurtful words spoken by others (and retells them to Brian), and think of what I could have said instead of just standing there smiling like the words didn't affect me at all.

This past week, Addie has gone to VBS at my aunt's church. Because Brian was out of town almost the entire week, I stayed and listen to the group lessons, mingled with the other ladies, and took walks with Bud around the church property.

One evening, the lesson theme was "No matter what people do.... trust God!"

The youth pastor and his assistant did a skit where the assistant was hurt by lies that were told about him, and he was holding on to the hurts and words said. The youth pastor then went on to tie balloons on the assistants arms and legs for all of the hurts he was holding on to. One of the songs the kids had been learning was then played and the young man was asked to do the choreography.

He couldn't.

The balloons were in his way, getting him tangled up, and making it impossible for him to move normally.

It was a great illustration for me and lesson that I have to let go of hurts, words, and the resulting bitterness that grows in my heart because I hold on to these things. By holding on to these feelings, my relationship with God is hindered, and I am not as effective in my role as a wife and mother.

Easier said than done. I know.

And so the growing process continues......


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