Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reading Time

We are moving right along in our Reading with the Rays program. In fact early next week we will be going to the library for our third base sticker!

15 total hours of reading together!

Where is all of this reading time coming from?

Well, we begin each day with our devotions. We completed the book What Did Jesus Do? which goes along the same lines as In His Steps but was written to reach children, since many of them can't think in terms of what He would do but what He did. Right now we are reading The Jesus Storybook Bible which takes each Bible account and shows how it is a piece of the puzzle to God's design to have Jesus come into the world to save us. This gives us a good 10 minutes.

Then during Addie's morning schooltime, she reads from her A Handbook For Reading Abeka workbook for about 20 minutes.

Before naptime, I read to her for 15 minutes, and she and Brian were having their father /daughter devotions (they recently finished their book) which took another 10 minutes.

That is almost an hour a day!...... on days when all of those things happened.

We are in the home (plate) stretch now and have only 9 hours to go. I can't wait to send in our little card to order our tickets! Addie is so excited to go to the game as well. And Brian..... well, he loves his girl and his baseball, so it works for him all around.


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