Monday, August 13, 2012

Learning Spanish

Addie has begun showing an interest in Spanish. So we have been learning a few words to things that we use every day. Coffee, milk, table, chair, bed, living room, grass, girl, boy, shoes, and whatever else pops into her mind at any give moment.

We are having fun with these as you can see in the video below. We were playing a Spanish bingo game together, and we started laughing as she tried pronouncing "zappatos" (shoes). Some of her pronunciation in the English language needs working on, so it is no surprise that her pronunciation of Spanish words is a little off.

But it sure is cute!

And who am I to talk? After all, my own Spanish speaking grandma prefered me to speak in English to her because my Spanish is so bad!

But we are trying.

And we are having fun.

So it's all good.

And, Addie, as I say at the end of the video (and cut myself off), "You're so silly!"

119 from Suzette Ladouceur on Vimeo.


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