Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nehemiah 2: 12

Are you one of those people?

The kind who feels God put something on your heart or you get an idea and you just have to share it with everyone? Even if everything hasn't been completely thought out, even if there are still too many "what ifs", even if you don't have all of the answers, you share anyway, because you are so excited and you want others to share in your excitement with you?

Yeah. Me, too.

And then it happens.

Someone starts asking a million and one questions.

Another person doesn't say anything, but the wheels are definitely turning and you know the questions are just going as fast in their mind as you are wishing you could take back the idea you shared.

Another person lists all of the reasons why your idea won't work.

Meanwhile, another begins telling you how you should go about doing what you have planned.

And another accepts what you say without the slightest hint of excitement.

The excitement you had is squashed.

Sometimes you throw in the towel before you even begin the project.

And sometimes you continue on but your initial enthusiasm is no longer there.

For the last three months, my devotions have been in the book of Nehemiah and one particular verse has jumped out and really "been with me" ever since.

Nehemiah 2:12a- And I arose in the night, I had a few men with me. I did not tell anyone what my God was putting into my mind to do for Jerusalem........

It is this part of the verse that really struck me.

When God puts an idea in my mind, I do not need to share that idea with everyone.

Now practically speaking, as a wife, Brian is the only one that I need to share my ideas with because he is the head of our home, and his opinions actually count...... that and my ideas usually affect him in some way.

But that is it!

Nehemiah had a few men with him. I'm sure these men were hand picked by him because of character qualities they had, they were dependable, and, hey, if they are willing to get up with you in the middle of the night, they are the kind of people you want around. But he did not even share what God had put into his mind with them.


In all honesty, people talk.

To you.
To others.
To people who are not even connected to you and will not even be affected by what you share.

....... there are those who will share in your excitement.
....... cheer with you and encourage you.
....... help you in whatever way they can when you share what God has put in your mind and heart. (after all, the whole world is not out to get you!)

Those are the people who, if you just have to share with someone, you can share with. Face it, we women have to share with someone!

I have my "few" (that I can count on one hand) who I can call, text, email, or message to share my ideas, plans, excitement, joy, and heart-felt prayer requests with. They are a blessing and real treasure to me..... you know who you are.......


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