Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mommy- Daughter Date Night

On Friday night, Addie and I had a Mommy-Daughter date night. It isn't as if we have never done anything together before. Before Ian came, we did everything together. Just her and me. But since Ian has come, the only time she and I have really gone out together has been to run errands or go grocery shopping.

I talked to Brian and we agreed that some purposefully planned Mother- Daughter time was in order. I planned our evening- simple but adventurous. First, we went to Dunkin Donuts. We each got a donut and we shared a chocolate milk. Then we sat and talked. About silly things. About what she hears from her church friends. About what she is not to let people call her or do to her.

Then we got silly again. She decided to try drinking from both of our straws together. We talked about our next stop and what we were going to pick up. 

Our next stop was Michael's. Our purpose was to pick up a scrapbook for Addie so we could work on putting her scrapbook together. They were limited on colors for the style that I needed, so she picked out a red one. We also picked out a craft for her to work on the following day (more on that tomorrow).

We then went shopping for a few last minute items for Brian's Fantasy Football Draft and to pick up the portraits that I had made for our home to replace the ones taken last year.

We talked in the car. We sang in the car. We laughed in the car and stores. (She is quite the little character!) By the time we got home, she was asking when our next Mommy-Daughter date was going to be. I definitely think we'll be doing one next month.

Just the two of us.


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