Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ian!

I can't believe that you are one today!

This year has just flown by. I brought home a helpless newborn and now you are the world's fastest crawler, you use some sign language to communicate with us, you love to dance, and you love to eat real food.

I have learned to eat my breakfast and lunch before or after you eat or you just flat out refuse to eat your food and want to eat mine. you haven't eaten baby food for a few day now. Strictly real food for you.

You love your big sister and are always looking for her. When you see her in the morning, you get the biggest smile and say, "Aaaaaaaaaa-d!" as loud as you can. She makes you laugh more than Mommy and Daddy do. And you both like to roar at each other. You kissed her for the first time on Wednesday at nap time. She was beside herself and said she was never going to wipe it off.

You are now fully weaned (and I am extremely sore!). Last week, you discovered Addie's straw sippy cup that had chocolate milk in it. You drank almost all of it (you taught yourself in 2 minutes how to drink from a straw). Now, I have the hardest time getting you to drink regular milk.

You have slept through the night for several days in a row now. Let's keep this going. I really like it.

Last year, when you arrived seems so long ago. Our hospital stay, bringing you home, and long days feel like they happened yesterday.

You are a snuggle bug. I love how you crawl right up to me, put our arms around my  neck and put your head on me. You are also Daddy's little Bud. You light up when you see him walk in from work or in the morning when he comes out of the bedroom. I think you also enjoy the fact that you two do things that make me nervous. You both get this look in your eyes, and you get a huge smile on your face and even call me to look at you! The nerve!

You are so much a part of our family. I know it sounds cliche', but I cannot remember life without you. You are one of us. You belong in our little clan. And we love you to pieces.

Happy first birthday, little man.

And many more...........


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