Friday, October 26, 2012


Homeschooling has come a long way since I was a girl being homeschooled.
It was not a popular idea at that time (late 80's and 90's) to take your child out of school to teach them at home. After all, what did these parent's think! That they knew what was better for their children than teachers who had gone to college for 4 years!
As homeschooling parents, my parents were pretty much on their own. There were no home school groups, co-ops, support systems, etc. They had to plan their own field trips and then explain to people why their girls were not in school that day. They were scrutinized by relatives, friends, church members, even our pastor who came from a long line of public school teachers.
Of course, the one question that was most asked of them was, "What about socialization?"  My parents always responded with the fact that we were involved in our church youth groups, Sunday school class, church choir, but that homescooling help my parents limit the amount of bad socialization we would be exposed to. Is that so bad?

Now as a homeschooling parent myself, I don't have to face what my parents did. I have very supportive family members who are excited to see what the kids are doing and learning (Grandma, thanks for letting us call you at times and listening to Addie recite something to complete our Awana extra credit work and for going with us to the aquarium).

We are part of a local homeschool group that plans field trips and parties for us so that the whole socialization question is now obsolete. In fact, the field trip and event coordinator told us at the orientation meeting that they plan so many field trips and get togethers that if we chose to do them all, we would nver have time to teach!

We are even considering joining another homeschool co-op that offers a "classroom" time one day a week for the children. I think Addie wiill love it considering that she is such a social child and my goal as a homeschooling parent is to guide her to becoming a Jesus-loving, smart, independent young woman.

Next fall, Ian will officially begin his homeschool experience. We will be working with him the same way we did with Addie. He is already learning to sit for a few minutes as we do our devotions.
Teaching my children is such a unique experience because I know what they are learning "in school," and I am able to reinforce what they have learned in our everyday life once we close the books. I can pick up books from the library that go along with what we are learning and plan lessons based around "real" life. For example, our library books lately have been all about fall, autumn, leaves, Pilgrims, and Squanto. It is so exciting to see the light bulb go on as Addie not just learns something new, but really grasps it.
Class is in session!
Monday, Lord willing, we will be looking at chapter 4 of Child Wise.


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