Thursday, October 25, 2012

What A Character

If you happen to meet my son, your first impression will be that he is very shy and very quiet. I think that is the impression that he is trying to give you. We, on the other hand, know better. This is one of the most fun-loving children (besides Addie) that I have ever known.... and he is a real boy!

Oh my! Is he ever!

He has gotten more bumps that I am comfortable with (zero bumps is where I am happiest), but he gets up and moves on. If he really gets hurt he cries, I pick him up, hug him, and then he's off again to walk under the dining room table, crawl under our end table, or head into Addie's room where all the good stuff to play with is.

He loves animals (that seems like an understatement to me). He stops dead in his tracks to point to a bird, dragonfly, or anything else he knows is not human.

His favorite word to say right now is "Ma-ma!" from his crib, his high chair, his car seat, or even just walking to me with his arms up. Even Daddy is "Ma-ma." He's not too thrilled about that.....

He is his sister's shadow. He follows her around the house and does what she does. The two of them always have to be near each other. And the are constantly hugging. I love it! It bothers me when people (always) say, "That'll change!" I know lots of brothers and sisters who have grown closer over the years (It's taught, folks. It doesn't happen naturally all the time.). Do me a favor, my little munchies. Prove everybody wrong!

He is very inquisitive. He loves looking into things, checking them out, and touching everything.

He knows and can say "blue." He folds his hands to pray. He knows the sign language for "milk", "eat", "more" and "all done".....anything related to food. He also waves goodbye and blows kisses. Yesterday, while we were on the floor playing, he made kissy noises, put his mouth on my cheek, then looked at me and smiled.

He is growing up so quickly.


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