Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful | Super Bud

He's faster than a speeding bullet (on all fours and on two legs)!
He can knock down block towers with a single swipe!
Who is he?
Super Bud!

I am so thankful for this sweet, wonderful, rough and tumble, climbs-over-crawls-under-whatever-he-can boy we have been given.
He will eat all of his food and half of mine.
He will find one obscure piece of a toy, puzzle, or game and walk around with it all day.
He loves putting things in baskets or buckets.... including himself.

He can use sign language to communicate about 7 words to us. In fact, we went to see the newborn of some friends of ours at the hospital the other night, and when he saw the baby he immediately did the sign for "baby" (he obviously doesn't consider himself to be a baby :)
He blows kisses and even gives us kisses just because we ask. At dinner he and Addie go back and forth sending each other kisses across the table (dinner can take some time to get through because of this).
He sleeps through the night and naps twice during the day (as I type, he is supposed to be napping but instead is talking to some toy of his across the room).
He is always happy.... unless you take something away from him.... then he's not so happy.
He loves to snuggle.... and if you can't at the moment (because you happen to be cookiing dinner near a hot stove), he plops himself down on the floor and cries his broken little heart out.
If you were to look up the definitions of fun and adventure in the dictionary, you would find his picture there. He wakes up ready to explore and has gotten more adventurous over the last few weeks (I think going outside regularly has helped with that).
I am so thankful for this little boy that we interchangeably call Bud, Buddy, Little Buddy, Papa, and Super Bud!


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