Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Card

Life has been happening around here.
After hearing about the tragedy that unfolded on Friday in Connecticut, I am not going to complain about colds, eczema outbreaks triggered by the cold, doctor visits, and antibiotic prescriptions for my little people.
I am so thankful that I have little people to hold and hug.
And my heart has been broken since Friday.
I have cried for people that I do not know.
I have been proud of strangers that are true heroes who gave their lives for the children in their charge.
I have been sickened by the depraved evil that we saw.
And I have been reminded each time that I passed the Nativity siting in the center of our home that this is why Jesus came to us.
Our world is evil and separated from Almighty God.
We needed Someone to bridge the chasm between us and Him.
And then into this dark and depraved world stepped a little tiny baby.
Pure Innocence.
He also died at the hands of ruthless men with hatred in their hearts.
And He died for me.
And you.
And that is why we celebrate Christmas.
Because Jesus was born to heal our souls, to wash away our sins with His blood, to comfort us when we are broken hearted, to bring us into a relationship with a Holy and Righteous God.
So, in celebration of Jesus and why He came to us and how He can change our hearts and lives if we allow Him to, we say Merry Christmas.


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