Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas

Life has been moving very quickly for us. Too quickly!

Beginning Tuesday, our days have each been packed with must do- activities, family get togethers, company and much more.

Tuesday- Addie slept over Lala"s (my aunt Elsa's) home. Of course, she had a blast!

Wednesday- Bud and I had a lot of stops and errands to run. I managed to get to 5 out of my 6 stops. Poor little guy fell asleep between stops 5 and 6 so we just went home. Then we had Awana in the evening where I got my Addie back :)

Thursday- Grandma is having "Grand-daughter Day" with Addie and my niece who is in town, and I will do my grocery shoppin to get me thru Wednesday of next week..

Friday- GrandTiti, Uncle Jack, my cousin Belinda, and my Grandma (my mother's mom) are coming in  to spend the weekend with us.

Saturday- We get to see my sister Faye and her husband Jim (and I get to rub her belly!)

Sunday- We celebrate Christmas with Brian's family.

Monday- We are spending Christmas Eve with my aunt Elsa and her family.

Tuesday- CHRISTMAS! Dad will be spending the day with us..

Wednesday- I crash!

Thankfully, all of my gifts are wrapped and under the tree and grouped according to which family event comes first and so on.

Christmas outfits are set and ready (thank you, Grandma!).

Menus are prepared and activities scheduled.

However, because of the things yet to be done (regular cleaning and laundry schedules, playing with my children, spending time with my handsome guy), there will be no posts until at least Wednesday, the 26th. And then you can look forward to hearing about my focus word for 2013.

But from us to you, we pray that your Christmas is safe, happy, and full of wonderful memories.

Merry Christmas!


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