Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reason for Christmas

As we continue our celebration through the month of December, let us just take a moment to stop looking at the our lists of gifts yet to buy, our Pinterest boards of crafts to make for our friends and family and with our children, our list of baking that we have to get done before the week before Christmas, the mountain of wrapping that still needs to be done, the Christmas cards that still need to be addressed and mailed out, and our over scheduled calendars.


And remember the simpleness of a man and woman- not traveling to visit family for a big dinner or gift exchange- but trying to register with their government.

Remember the donkey. Not a sporty chariot, family sized wagon, or a beautiful horse.

Remember the belly. Not one made from over eating at a family get together and Christmas parties, but one that was bursting with Life.

Remember the accommodations. Not the ritziest hotel or 5 star inn. There was no booking by advance reservation. It was a stable.

Remember the reality. The stable smelled like animals. People were probably walking in and out as they went to care for their animals staying in the stable. Mary had just had a baby- she was probably sweaty, her clothes in need of washing, and her baby needed to be fed.

Remember the decor. Hay. Nothing more.

Now look back at your lists, piles, mountains of things to get to. Where have we, in general, gone wrong?

What would Mary and Joseph think if they could see how this single event in their lives has snowballed into what we now call Christmas.

Better yet, have we considered how Jesus feels or thinks about what Christmas has become?

Are we so wrapped up in making this "the best Christmas yet" that we forgot Who gave us Christmas in the first place?

Are we so busy celebrating Christmas that we don't have time to spend with Jesus?

Are we spending so much on Christmas that we can't tithe this month?

It all comes down to a Gift.

One Gift.

From God to us.

His name is Jesus, and He is the reason that we celebrate Christmas.

It is His birthday party.

Let's ask Him how He wants it to be celebrated this year.


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