Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our Little Bud | 2 Videos

One of the things we do with our children is teach them how to help clean up their toys. There is nothing wrong with teaching our children responsibility at an early age. Yes, they still need to be reminded as they grow (they are still children), but picking up after themselves needs to be something they are very familiar with.

Below are two videos of our little Bud.

The first video is of Brian and Ian cleaning up Ian's toys before bed time. Yes, Ian put a toy that is not a block into the block case, but the idea is that he is learning how to put toys away. My favorite part is when Ian claps for himself. I love how Brian ends the video, "You're going to be a good helper like your sister."

001 from Suzette Ladouceur on Vimeo.

In this second video, Ian is having his school time. And what you see is pretty much the extent of "school" for him on a daily basis. Actually, I started taping about a minute after his lesson began. He has begun mimicking us as we speak and trying really hard to repeat what we say. Just before I began recording he repeated the word "blue" clear as day! Later in the afternoon while we were watching TV, he noticed that the screen was blue, pointed, and said, "Blue!" We, of course, made a huge deal about that! At the end of the video, you'll see why his "lessons" are so short :) He is only 15 months after all.

013 from Suzette Ladouceur on Vimeo.


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