Monday, March 11, 2013

My Kids

I love my girl.

I love my boy.

I love them with the same amount of love.

I love that we were given one of each.

I love how different they are from each other.

He's a snuggler. She hugs and then moves on.

He loves to eat. She only eats well during growth spurts.

He wakes up asking for cookies (animal crackers). She is not interested in eating until we sit down for breakfast.

He plays by himself for bits of time and is okay with that. She does not like to be by herself.

He doesn't like to be separated from me/us- being dropped off at the church nursery. She loves going to Sunday school, Awana, and having sleepovers at Lala or Aunt Faye's houses.

When guests come over, he runs TO me and won't let go for a few minutes. She runs to THEM and whisks them away to her bedroom to play.

He loves bath time. He has been known to try to climb in as I am cleaning the tub. She takes baths because she has to.

He rubs his head during meal times when his hands are crumby or have pizza sauce on them (so it is a good thing he likes baths). She tries not to dirty herself at all. In fact, she doesn't eat jelly because it makes her sticky.

There are some similarities, but their differences are what make them who they are, make them a great team, and make them the charming, lovable munchies that they are.


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