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The Heart of a Homemaker | Keepers at Home

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"...keepers at home..."

I know that this phrase from Titus 2:3-5 has the capability of being a sore spot in many circles today and may not even be considered to be politically correct.

So we are going to do what we have done in the past. Look at the words themselves, what they mean and how we can apply the lesson to our own lives and to our families.

The phrase "keeper of the home" literally means "guardian or overseer of the household."

So let's take this in two parts. This week we will look at our role as "guardians," and next week, Lord willing, we will look at our role as "overseers."

As the God-appointed "guardian/overseer of the household" our job has several facets that are vital to the safety of our families, both spiritually and physically.

The definition of a guardian from dictionary.com is 1. a person who guards, protects, or preserves.
2. Law. a person who is entrusted by law with the care of the person or property, or both, of another, as a minor or someone legally incapable of managing his or her own affairs.
Are you wondering why this particular job was not given to the husband?
Our culture today is very different from the culture and times this was written in. The husband was the provider for the home. The woman was the one at home and was in charge of the general runnings of the household.
Now I understand that in many homes and situations, the woman is not able to be at home. Yet, when it comes to our homes, we are the ones that need to guard, protect, and preserve those inside. Which is why it is even more important than ever that your walk with the Lord is consistent and daily.

As the "guardian of your household" it is up to you (and your husband) to decide what comes into your home- toys, games, movies, music, and even friends- because everything that we allow into our homes will have an affect on those within those walls.

This can be tricky since not everyone will understand our reasons or convictions concerning the toys, games, and movies we may not allow in our home, especially since so many of them are so innocent looking.

Growing up, there were Disney movies that we were not allowed to watch, Christian teen novels we were not allowed to read, and toys that we were not allowed to play with or have. My mother, being the "guardian of her household" did not just say "No, you can't....." She sat with us and explained the reasons behind the different games, movies, and even the Christian teen novels that we were not allowed to have. All of them had a spiritual reason.

Turmoil in the Toy Box is one of the books (beside her own walk with God and convictions) that opened her eyes to some of the more innocent toys that we were not allowed to play with. Yet, with so many other toys out there, we were never deprived of toys and play time.

Now, with my own children, we have our own list of movies, games, and toys that we do not allow- not to be "holier than thou" or "more righteous than", but we do this to protect the hearts of our children. It is during this time that they are the most moldable, and when children learn the reasons behind their faith at a young age, they are less likely to turn away later in life.

Friends can also be hard one to step around because of the sensitivity of feelings. I have a friend who, years ago, had to tell a girl she grew up with in youth group that their daughters (toddlers at the time) could not spend time with each other any more because they were not being raised with the same Biblical background. Feelings were wounded, yet this mother was guarding her home and the heart of her daughter.

Mom, wife, woman of God, you have been given the unique job of being a spiritual guardian for your home. Your husband is to be the spiritual leader, but when he is not at home, you are to guard your home, family, and children spiritually.

Stay in prayer.

Keep alert.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8


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