Monday, October 20, 2014

Teaching My Preschooler | A Relaxed Approach

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I know that it seems that I have slacked on this series, but, truth be told, Ian's learning has looked a lot different over the last few weeks than it has in the weeks prior.

Our learning time on some days has involved a lot of coloring, reading stories, and listening in on what Addie is learning. 

On other days, our learning has revolved around making crafts and painting (a huge hit with my little man).

Some days our learning consists of reading a book along with a CD and then playing some games with the manipulatives that have come with the story. We loved the Brown Bear book and CD storytime set for activities like this.

My other approach lately has been to just make up pages in his composition notebook. We have traced his right hand and left hand, I've drawn out numbers and letters for him to color and add stickers to based on the number or letter we are talking about, and some pages are dedicated to practicing letter formation.

Life has been beautifully busy recently, but we have managed to maintain a loose learning time for Ian. I prefer this to a strict "learning time" for him because lifelong learners are developed when they do not see learning as fitting into a specific time slot, but as a natural ongoing flow to life. 


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