Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Challenge Is On! and Other Outdoor Activities We Have Been Enjoying

Walmart had tomato and pepper plants for sale at $0.95 a piece.

I picked up one of each.

I planted them and tied them to stakes so they would grow strong and tall.

I bought Miracle-Gro to help them grow strong and tall and produce delicious veggies...wait, are tomatoes a fruit?

Brian said playfully, "Why did you buy those? Nothing ever grows here. I garuntee they're going to die."

The challenge was set.

I have never taken on a dare, but I will take on a challenge.

I will, Lord willing, get a great harvest.

I can't wait to serve a juicy tomato to Brian and use a green pepper in my spaghetti sauce.

Because I love a challenge.
You know the little tags that come with the plants you buy? The ones that give you the name of the plant, how much water they need, how much sun they are suppose to have, what their cold hardiness is.
You know those tags.
When I planted my plants, I stuck those little tags into the ground infront of their respective plants. After I was all done, I turned around to see that I had been followed by a cute little munchkin who pulled up all of the tags and was happily playing with them. Some were lost in the yard and the ones I managed to retrieve were put in the garage.
I believe the above plants are called Lobelia and are cold hardy down to 32* F. I have been giving this particular little guy some extra attention since that same little munchkin stepped on him while trying to see the flowers that were planted behind him.
The above shrub came with the house so I cannot tell you what the name is. If you know, feel free to leave the name in the comments. This is the first year it has actually bloomed! I never cared for this plant before, but now it has come to be one of my favorites. Addie loves looking out the window and checking on the flowers.

About a year ago, Faye bought Addie this pool and slide set after the season was over for about $2.00! On Friday in the late afternoon, after Brian mowed the lawn, the two of us blew up the pool and slide. Addie just stood there so excited about what we were doing. When Brian filled up the pool with water, she knew what was going on and got right into the pool. We had to help her with the slide, but she loved it, especially pouring water over it with her watering can to make it slippery. My favorite part was when she was on the slide getting ready to go down and she counted, "Two, two, fwee!" and then giggled when she hit the bottom.

I am also enjoying my Mother's Day gift. It may sound wierd, but I have been asking Brian for a clothes line for quite some time now. On the Saturday before Mother's Day, he surprised me with a great umbrella type clothes line. I set a load to wash when I wake up, and by the time Addie is ready for breakfast, I am ready to put the clothes on the line. She sits on the back porch eating her breakfast and letting me know when "bees" are flying by (anything that flies is considered a bee). For now, I've decided to only hang our towels and whites. I absolutely love it. And I hope to see this change reflected in our electric bill next month.


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