Friday, March 30, 2012

Night Lights and Burritos

What excitement we have around here! Ian is mastering the use of his walker and maneuvering it to reach whatever his little hands want to get a hold of. And we are finding ourselves reteaching lessons to him that we had to teach his big sister 3 1/2 years ago.

One lesson is that we do not touch nightlights.

Now, yes, the obvious "solution" to this is just removing the nightlight. But when we go to other people's homes, I do not expect them to "Ian Proof" their homes. So, we have always left things where they are and have just taught our children not to touch. Isn't that how things used to be?

The other night was our first lesson with the night light. Addie was making a ladybug craft, and Ian was toddling about in the walker. He went to the nightlight and reached out to touch it.

"No," I said as he reached for it, and I moved his hand away from the light.

He looked and reached again.

"No," I said and I moved his walker away from the "temptation."

I began cleaning the paintbrush we had used and heard some noise on the other side of the counter.... down where the night light is.

I peeked around the corner and there he was. He had driven himself back around and was playing with it.

"No!" I said sternly. The fact that he startles easily worked in my favor.

His lower lip began to quiver and the eyes filled with tears. I can tell, he'll be the child that we just have to give "the look" to and our problem will be solved.

And the next time he passed the nightlight, he turned to look at me and smiled. He wasn't about to touch it again.

I tend to lay a blanket out for him to play on in the living room. (The blanket above was made for us by a couple of dear, sweet friends who are related to us by love and marriage.)

Yesterday, as I was combing Addie's hair, Ian was on his back playing with his pacifier. He is excellent at picking it up and putting it into his mouth the right way.... or just chewing on it whichever way he  wants to. When I finished combing Addie's hair, I looked up in time to catch Ian rolling himself into the cutest burrito I've ever seen.

He smiled at us so big and proud.

Yes, Bud, I am so proud of you, too! Just because you are you!


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