Thursday, September 18, 2014

Teaching My Preschooler | Weeks 2-4 | Ian's Homeschool Adventure

School has continued as usual, although my blogging time has been cut short a bit. Ian has an intentional learning time 2-3 times a week based on how much learning he actually wants to do. After all, he will turn 3 this Sunday, and school is not a requirement at his age.

Here is what Ian and I have done over the last three weeks.

Week 2:


We worked on p.7 of Numbers and Skills with Button Bear which focused on the  number 2. We read our stories from last week (which are listed below), and we also worked on P.7 in Letters and Sounds for 3's which focused on the letter "B."


We read stories and colored the letter B.


We did p. 9 in both our Letters and Numbers books and then made "B" characters based on what we found at this website.

(Note: I did have a writing practice page for him for each day in our composition book for the letter B, but he was totally not interested. He has "mastered" the letter "A" and only wanted to write A's. So he did.)

Week 3:


Letters and Numbers books  p.11 (letter "C and review of numbers 1 and 2) and we read stories. Letter writing practice in his composition book.


Letters and Numbers books p. 13 and more stories. Letter writing practice in his composition book.

(Note: Because of the holiday weekend, and Ian being so used to not having our normal structure because Daddy had a 5 day weekend- which we totally loved!- we eased ourselves back into our "schedule" with Bud. He enjoyed writing his "C" way better than he enjoyed being shown how to draw a "B.")

Week 4:


Letters and Numbers books p. 15 (letter C and number 2) and lots of stories


Just stories- lots of them!


Letters and numbers books p. 17. We traced his hands in his composition book and he colored them. We lightly touched on the fact that he has a right hand and a left hand.

(Note: Small children can learn just as much if not more by being read to.... and they learn to sit attentively for a reasonable amount of time. And you can't beat the snuggles that you get from that!)


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