Thursday, October 9, 2014

In My Son's World......

In my son's world.....

he may wake up and announce that he is a dinosaur
or a big, daddy hippopotamus
or a cheese-spider (yes, you read that right)
or a bluebird
or a black horse.
......and that's okay because he is 3.

In my son's world.....

a chair is actually a tall mountain to be climbed and conquered
not a seat to be sat in.
How silly would that be!
...and I am learning to be okay with it because he is 3.

In my son's world......

toy dinosaurs eat Barbies
tables are meant for sitting under
and laundry baskets are made for climbing into

....and I am learning to embrace the adventure of each activity because he is 3.

In my son's world....

Moses parted the Red Sea
Samson knocked down buildings
David killed giants
......and I am always looking for ways to introduce him to new Bible heroes because he is 3.

In my son's world.....

are all modes of getting from point A to point B
.....and I am learning to step over, around, and not get in the way because he is 3.

In my son's world....

a boy's world.....

strange noises
loud noises
quiet noises
sudden noises
are all effective methods of communication
....... and I am learning to roar with the best of them because he is 3.

In my son's world.....

I can play along
I can climb mountains with him
I can find new places for him to explore
I can make sure knows what a real hero is
I can let him be mobile
I can teach him which noises are appropriate and when to use them
...or I can squash everything that makes him an intriguing little boy with a heart full of life. 

Most importantly, in my son's world.....

He is my little knight.....
.......and I am his Mommy.

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