Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Meal Plan

I have always been one to make my meal plan one week at a time, but I decided to really stretch myself and plan for the entire month, remembering that my meal plan is not written in stone and is subject to change and life happening. I do not have meals planned for Saturdays and Sundays because we tend to be a bit more spontaneous on weekends, and those are really great nights for leftovers.

Thursday- Rice and beans w/ shake and bake chicken (triple the beans)
Friday- Pasta w/ sauce (double sauce)

Monday- Chili over sweet potato
Tuesday- Broccoli Supreme
Wednesday- Mac n cheese and nuggets
Thursday- Baked ziti
Friday- Chicken soup 

Monday- Rice and beans and lemon lime pork chops
Tuesday- Tuna helper
Wednesday- Undetermined plans
Thursday- Chili over rice w/ corn bread pudding
Friday- Broccoli casserole w/ mashed potatoes and chicken cutlets (double the broccoli

Monday- Hamburger Helper
Tuesday- Rice and beans w/ shake and bake chicken
Wednesday- Undetermined plans
Thursday- Thanksgiving Day
Friday- Chicken and stuffing bake

Monday- Cheeseburger Pie
Tuesday- Tomato juice soup
Wednesday- Mac n cheese and chicken nuggets
Thursday- Shepherd’s Pie
Friday- Chicken and rice bake


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